The cooler weather is a great time to think about how to heat your home efficiently this winter. By implementing the tips below, you can accomplish this goal and save money throughout the cold season. 

Use Natural Light and Window Coverings

Although it may be cold outside, there are still sunny days during winter. While you might keep your blinds and curtains closed during the hot days of the year, you’ll want to do the opposite in winter. Open your window coverings to allow as much bright sunlight into your rooms as possible. This will help to heat your home efficiently.

With this said, you’ll find that you won’t have as many hours of sunlight to take advantage of during the winter. When the sun goes down, close the blinds and curtains. Closing both creates an insulation barrier on your windows. The cold air from outside won’t be able to permeate indoors as much. This strategy will help you use your home’s heating system more efficiently.

Rearrange Furniture to Heat Your Home Efficiently

As you transition your household with the seasons, be sure to move your furniture around in order to allow your interior’s heat to circulate more efficiently.

For example, if you have any large pieces of furniture covering the air vents, move them out of the way. When warm air can flow efficiently into your rooms, you won’t need to turn the thermostat up as high to stay comfortable. Also, switch your ceiling fans to run clockwise to push warm air down into the room.

Heat Your Home Efficiently with a Programmable Thermostat

While you’ll certainly want to keep the interior of your home warm all through the winter season, it doesn’t need to be kept as warm when your family is asleep or away. A programmable thermostat is the easiest way to heat your home efficiently by setting it lower when you won’t be home and active. 

Address the Home’s Insulation and Weatherstripping

When heat escapes through your windows, your roof, or through the walls, it’s difficult to heat your home efficiently. If the insulation in your attic, basement, crawlspace, or drywall is insufficient, it needs to be addressed. The same goes for the weatherstripping around your doors and windows. 

Service Your Heater

One of the most effective ways to optimize your home’s energy efficiency is to make sure that your heater is working properly. If you’re using an electric-powered heater, hire a professional to make sure that the heating elements are properly emitting heat. You might need to have your heating element or a component repaired or replaced. The technician will also change the filter. 

If you’re using a gas-powered model, the jets should be cleaned and the gas levels checked. The gas pipes should never be blocked. Not only will blockage decrease your heater’s gas flow, but a buildup of gas poses a safety hazard.

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