When you’re having a home built from the ground up, you expect everything to be perfect and ready for move-in. During construction, several subcontractors work on components throughout the house, so mistakes are possible. You want your new home to be exactly what you ordered. Here are some of the reasons to ask for a home inspection on new construction.

Find and Repair Issues Before Move-In with a Home Inspection on New Construction

A professional home inspector will examine all components of the home. An inspection immediately after the construction process will uncover defects and safety issues so the builder can remedy problems before you move in.

Your builder may or may not offer a builder’s warranty. When your warranty expires, all responsibility for repairs is on you, even if the issue stems from the original construction. A home inspection on new construction identifies these problems early so they can be repaired prior to closing.

Building Codes Inspections are Not Complete Home Inspections

All new construction is required to have a building code inspection for local code compliance. Building codes are basic, minimum regulations that do not always take the craftsmanship into account. A building code inspection does not determine if the best building practices or materials were used.

Hire a professional home inspector for a thorough examination of your new home. An inspector’s standards of practice comprehensively cover all aspects of the new home.

Home Inspection On New Construction: Grading and Drainage

During a home inspection on new construction, the inspector will assess the landscaping for grading and drainage issues. The home should be built in such a way that water flows away from the foundation and doesn’t pool near the walls. Water near the foundation leads to problems like mold and termites.

Order a home inspection on your newly constructed house to make certain the property is move-in ready. The inspector will check for defects in materials, construction, electrical issues, and safety concerns. You can close on your new home with peace of mind that it is built well and will be trouble-free for years to come.

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