When buying a home, most first-time homebuyers focus on the cost of their new house and every expense that goes into closing the deal. However, there are other additional home maintenance costs that come with homeownership. From the cost of regular repairs to the expenses associated with remodeling and renovation, homeowners should prepare themselves for unexpected expenses.

Surprising Home Maintenance Costs

As a new homeowner, it’s important to factor all your future home maintenance costs into your budget so you’re not caught off guard. Though these costs can seem overwhelming at the time, getting ahead of these expenses will make life much easier. Read on for five surprising maintenance costs every new homeowner should prepare for.

1. Changing the Locks

One of the first expenses homeowners will encounter is having the locks changed. Even though new homeowners may have a new set of keys, there are likely many copies of these keys floating around. After closing on your property, get new locks and keys to improve your home security. Though it can cost upwards of $200, this is an important investment for your family’s safety.

2. Lawn Maintenance Home Maintenance Costs

As new homeowners transition from renting to owning, they are often taken unprepared for lawn care home maintenance costs. While many buyers love homes with a lawn, they often forget that they are the ones responsible for taking care of it. After the freshly-cut grass of your new home starts to grow, you will need to invest in lawn maintenance.

Not ready to pay professional landscapers for their lawn service? Save money by going the DIY route with a riding mower or a push lawn mower. This chore may take some getting used to, but having a well-groomed lawn is worth it.

3. Repairs to Appliances

Unless your new home has been recently outfitted with the latest appliances, it’s likely that your first few home maintenance costs will go towards replacing and repairing your appliances. Over the course of the first year, homeowners should expect that any of their many appliances may need immediate attention. Whether a new HVAC is needed or the kitchen appliances need to be updated, these essential fixes can be quite costly.

To prepare for these expenses, new homeowners should invest in a home warranty. This will help to offset a significant chunk of the repairs during the first year of homeownership.

4. Home Maintenance Costs for Cosmetic Upgrades

New homeowners will learn to never underestimate the cost of a basic renovation project. Even a job as simple as painting the interior walls can be expensive. While homeowners can wait to tackle these upgrades until other expenses are handled, it’s helpful to already have a few hundred dollars set aside to cover the cost of these projects.

5. Tree Trimming

Having trees outside the home makes for a more picturesque and cozy house, but they also rack up their own expenses throughout the year. Homes surrounded by trees in the front or backyard require regular tree trimming and sometimes even complete removal if the trees are diseased or dead. While this cost may seem unnecessary, keeping your trees healthy and freshly cut will prevent any falling branches from causing irreparable damage to your home in the event of a natural disaster or random accident.

These unexpected expenses can break the bank for new homeowners if they come as a surprise. Let this guide serve as a reminder to prepare for these routine costs as you care for your home.

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