If you’re selling your home, have it inspected before putting it on the market. Here are the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection.

Make Repairs Before Listing

Discovering defects with your home before listing it allows you to make decisions about repairs ahead of time. You’ll learn what needs to be repaired or replaced and can budget accordingly. With this information before the house goes on the market, you can make repairs yourself or hire your preferred contractors for the job.

Even if you decide you don’t want to make all of the needed repairs, you’ll have useful knowledge about the condition of the house. This allows you to disclose vital information to your buyer and lower the price accordingly.

An Efficient Transaction With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Making repairs and/or disclosing issues to buyers helps smooth the transaction process. Both will prevent long negotiations that can result after a buyer orders an inspection.

It’s less likely a buyer will walk away from the sale if you’ve provided them with an accurate account of the home’s condition. One of the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection is that the sale moves faster.

Price Your Home Accurately

Pricing a home is tricky if you don’t know its actual condition. Determining an asking price is easier with the information in an inspection report. Your real estate agent will know which defects you should fix and which ones you can leave for the buyer to repair. The result is the ability to fairly price the property.

The inspection provides useful information to your realtor during the marketing process. The agent can show the buyer they’re getting a home below market value because repairs need to be made. Or, they can set a higher price if you’ve fixed all major defects before listing the home.

Save Money

If you forego a pre-listing inspection and wait for the buyer’s inspection, you may lose money. Your buyer will typically overestimate repair costs and might even have preferences for contractors used to make the repairs. This can be more expensive than if you had handled repairs ahead of time.

Boost Buyer Confidence With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Buyers usually come to a deal feeling a little apprehensive about making such a big investment. If you share the inspection report, presenting defects upfront and discussing repairs that have been made, then your buyer is more likely to see you as an honest seller.

There are numerous benefits of a pre-listing home inspection. Take advantage of the information found to sell your house faster and for a greater profit.

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