Your home is likely the biggest investment you’ll make. That’s why you want to make sure everything is operating correctly. Stay ahead of home maintenance to prevent problems with your property. Let’s look at a few small signs that your house has big troubles.

Doors Won’t Shut Correctly

Have you noticed your doors are getting stuck or won’t close properly? If so, you may have foundation issues. Another sign of trouble is when windows won’t open properly. Your home could be shifting and settling. Learn if there are any active shifts in the soil or if your foundation has finished its settling process. Call a structural inspector or a foundation company to find out if you need reinforcement.

Loose Toilet

Don’t ignore a wobbly toilet. There is a chance that it’s loose because the flooring beneath it is rotting. Check to see if you feel sponginess in the flooring. Rotting sub-flooring can be quite expensive to fix.

Sloping Floors are a Sign of Problems with Your Property

It’s not always easy to see sloping floors. It might take spilled water or your child dropping a marble to notice the problem. The house might have broken or rotten floor joists, the structure that supports your flooring. Call in a structural engineer to determine the issue and what’s required to fix it.

Is There a Spring in Your Step?

If your floorboards are springy, then you may be dealing with some sort of foundation challenges. Otherwise, the springy floor could mean rotted beams that need to be replaced.

Signs That Your House Has a Big Problem: Sloped Yard

Interior floors aren’t the only time you should be worried about sloping. If your yard is sloping toward the house, then water might be flowing under the foundation. You will need a landscape grading team to adjust the slope and help protect your home from water damage.

Problems with Your Property: Discolored Ceiling

Your house is likely suffering from water damage if you see brown or yellow discoloration on the ceilings. It could be a leak from the roof or the HVAC system. Water damage repair is costly because it usually requires replacing several layers of materials.

Strange Odor from an Outlet

You’ll notice an unpleasant odor when electrical wiring melts. The first thing to inspect is whether an appliance is causing the odor. It’s not uncommon for brand new appliances to produce a strange smell the first couple of times they’re used. Shut off the power if you smell an odor coming from an outlet. Call your electrician to troubleshoot and repair the issue.

Uneven Molding Indicates Problems with Your Property

Crown molding in your home looks fantastic until it starts to come apart. Molding that is uneven may be happening because of foundation issues. The other possibility is water damage behind the walls.

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