Many homeowners don’t think about their roofs until something goes wrong. Some simply forget to get inspections, while others may not notice problems until they cause damage to the home. There will come a time when repairs are too extensive and you will need to get a roof replacement. Read on to learn about seven signs that your roof needs to be replaced.

The Age of Your Roof

A roof that is at the end of its lifespan may not look damaged. This is typically found with older homes that are otherwise well-kept, but all roofs need to be replaced eventually.

The elements will cause a roof to age and weaken over time. Most asphalt roofs will last you a good 25 years, but various factors can speed that deterioration, like poor ventilation, lack of maintenance, overall poor design, and severe weather.

Plants on the Roof May Mean You Need a Roof Replacement

If your roof has vegetation, algae, and mold growing on it, this is a sign that you may need a roof replacement. When plants grow on the roof, they damage the material and harbor moisture. Also, the fact that there is enough moisture in the roofing materials for plants to grow is a telling sign. This creates weak spots and can allow moisture into the home, causing mold growth.

You Can See Sunlight in Your Attic

Most people don’t often visit their attics because they are hot and dusty. However, it’s important to climb up there every once in a while to observe the state of your roof. One of the major reasons why homeowners opt for replacing their roof is they’ve noticed areas where sunlight is coming into the attic. A roof that shows light coming through the boards also allows water into your home.

Roof Sagging

A sagging roof is a major sign that a home roof replacement is needed. A sagging roof means that you have more than just a visual problem on your hands. In fact, you have a situation where your roof may collapse at any time. Some of the major factors that cause a sagging roof are heavy snow piling on top of it, water damage, and little to no maintenance performed over the years.

Repeated Roof Leaks Mean You Need a Roof Replacement

One of the most frustrating things homeowners go through is hiring someone to fix a roof leak only to experience it all over again the next time it rains. Unfortunately, the source of a leaky roof can be difficult to pinpoint.

When multiple areas begin to leak, you might not have a one and done repair. Instead, it’s best to prepare for a home roof replacement in order to fix the issue for good and protect your home and belongings.

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